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                                   1-218-820-4965   Motley, Mn 56466

R.L.Peterson Construction LLC. Building Comfort & Security, One Family At A Time.

* We are your local professional roofing company, providing a variety of Roofing types and styles.

* We are also a full service, custom homes builder and home remodeler

* We provide consultations for all your roofing or construction needs.

* We always carry large shingle sample boards and steel roofing samples with us at all times so you can choose that perfect color and brand to fit your home.

* We also install seamless aluminum gutters and Premier gutter covers, to enhance your new roof system, if desired. Many gutter colors to chose from.

*We stand behind our services and work, along with good manufactures warranty on all kinds of roofing products 

Types of roofing products and services we provide

  1. Asphalt shingles, replace, repair or new installation 
  2. Low pitch roofs, rolled roofing such as, full lap, half lap or rubber membrane
  3. Architectural style asphalt shingles
  4. Metal Shingles
  5. Three tab style shingles
  6. Steel roofing
  7. Metal standing seam roofing
  8. Hail Damage, Roof Repair or replacement

Other services provided 
  1. Custom built Homes
  2. Deck building & reconstruction
  3. Siding installation & replacement
  4. Soffit & Fascia Installation & replacement
  5. Window installation & replacement
  6. Door & Patio door installation or replacement
  7. We keep a flexible schedule so we can work with you.


At R.L.Peterson Construction LLC, We take the time to listen to our clients needs. While we can give you a quick quote, whenever possible, we like to take the time to set down with you and go over the many aspects and details that make up your overall construction desires for you home or business.

Hours of operation
Open, Monday throughThursday 8am to 6pm
recieving calls only on Fridays & Saturdays

When reroofing ( reshingling ) your home, we take the time to cover all flower gardens or lawn within 15 feet of your home, this assures you of a clean job well done with no mess to clean up later, while this is not 100% perfect, very little roofing debris escapes the tarps.
We Use;
**Tarps to cover your yard and gardens ( within 15' of house )**
**"Rolling Dump wagon" for easy access and removal of roofing debris**
**Magnets are used around the construction area to help pick up those loose nails, ( Very Important!! )
**With our rolling dump wagon, we can remove all roofing debris from your roofing or construction site each day if desired, if your job lasts more than one day it will be removed same day of work completion**

MN Builders Lic #BC509506

Serving Central Mn and the surrounding lakes area.
Serving these zip codes: 56431, 56433, 56434, 56435, 56310, 56425, 56317, 56472, 56401, 56314, 56518, 56633, 56440, 56320, 56446, 56444, 56636, 56527, 56501, 56443, 56442, 56441, 56449, 56544, 56331, 56336, 56452, 56338, 56455, 56456, 56344, 56345, 56347, 56464, 56466, 56567, 56478, 56468, 56472, 56573, 56364, 56473, 56474, 56475, 56367, 56301, 56375, 56377, 56378, 56389, 56379, 56477, 56479, 56382, 56384, 56481, 56482, 56387, 56388, 56470, 56467, 56655, 56452, 56593, 56448, 56447, 56576, 56455, 56571, 56453, 56551, 56588, 56524, 56437, 56359, 56338, 56373, 55418, 56307, 56340, 56328, 56352, 56308, 56360, 56389, 56319, 56332, 56354, 56361,
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